Lab Course: Design of Usable Security Mechanisms


  • Verantwortlich: Dr. Emanuel v. Zezschwitz
  • Beginn: Introductory Meeting: Tue, 02.04.2019, 2 p.m. - 4 p,m., room U1.039
  • Zeiten: Wed 10-12 (bi-weekly), room U1.039
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Weitere Informationen:

  • Studienabschnitt: Master Computer Science
  • Voraussetzungen:
  • Fachbereich: MA-INF
  • Aufwand: 4 P / 9 CP


The students will carry out a practical task (lab project) in the context of user-centred design and evaluation. Depending on the project, they will design and evaluate an innovative security mechanism or investigate the effectiveness of an existing solution. In any case, the human factor will be the focus of the investigations.

In this lab, you will learn how to apply user-centered methods to design and evaluate interactive security mechanisms which are optimized for human use. This will involve the full iterative development cycle including user research (UX), concept development, study design, and concept evaluation.




If you are interested in taking this lab course, write an email to

Please provide information about your background, interests and technical skills. In addition, describe your expectations about the lab course in 1-2 sentences. 

Application deadline: 1st of April 2019

Topics & First Meeting

The topics will be presented together with the lab courses "Usable Security & Privacy" and "Security in Distributed Systems" by Prof. Matthew Smith. If you are interested in taking this lab, please come to the following topic presentation event: 02.04.2019, 14:00 - 16:00; Room U1.039; Endenicher Allee 19A.

Please contact us for more information.