Seminar: Selected Topics in IT Security


  • Responsible: Prof. Dr. Michael Meier,
  • Dates: introductory meeting on April 11th, 10am, LBH II.27
  • Course number: 612013317



  • Term: Master Computer Science, Diploma (Graduate)
  • Requirements:
  • Faculty: MA-INF 3317
  • Effort: 2 SWS/ 4 CP
  • Max. Participants: 15

General Information

Participants of this seminar will analyze current work of IT security research and present a summary. To not only give insights into the topics of research in IT security, but also into the processes of academic peer review and research publishing, this seminar will imitate the typical course of a scientific conference.

The seminar is split in half. A writing and a presentation phase:
After an introductory meeting on April 11th at 10am, participants have to work out the main facts of their selected topic and to write a summary of this paper. There are 5 weeks of processing time for that. Following, there will be a cross review process, lasting 2 weeks and another week to make your summary camera-ready.

The presentation phase is in between week 24 and 28 (June 10th and July 12th). Each participant has to present his/her results in plenary. The concrete dates will be agreed in the introductory meeting.


A Registration prior the initial meeting is not necessary. Once you have a topic, you have to submit your registration in BASIS to fulfill the requirements for receiving credit points for this course. After that, leaving the seminar is not possible anymore without failing the course.

If more than 15 students want to apply, we have to draw lots.

Important Dates

The initial meeting will take place on Thursday, April 11th at 10am in room II.27 (LBH). Attending the initial meeting is required to take part in this seminar.


Registration in BASIS / Mrs. Kouchaki, Doodle: April 10 to April 30.

Introductory meeting: April 11th, 10am in LBH, Room II.27

Report submission: May 17th

Review completion: May 31st

Camera-Ready: June 7th

Presentation Schedule (updated on June 19, final):

  1. Tuesday, June 25:
    10:00-10:50: Ilya Manyugin: Track Me If You Can: On the Effectiveness of Context-based Identifier Changes in Deployed Mobile Networks.
    10:50-10:35: Dong-Wook Lee: Erkennung von Hardwaretrojanern anhand von IC-Fingerabdrücken.

  2. Tuesday, July 9:
    9:30-10:20: Marcel Konrad: A Forensic Analysis of Private Browsing Artifacts.
    10:20-11:05: Nicolas Becker: LAP: Lightweight Anonymity and Privacy.


Seminar submissions

Report submission:

Register at undefined Please use the same email address for registration that you used in the list in the initial meeting for this seminar.

Attention: This conference management system stores clear text passwords, so don't use any sensible password here!

The report should be 10 - 15 pages long. The report must be written in TeX. Use the LNCS document class provided by Springer to prepare the report ( Citations and text passages taken from other work must be easily recognizable as such. Questions regarding the report can be posted to the mailing list.

Review submissions:

Reviews will be assigned within the conference management system. An online form is provided there to submit the review.

Camera-ready submissions:

Based on the suggestions given in the reviews, reports should be improved to the camera-ready version.

Please note that failing to meet any of these deadlines means failing the seminar.