Project Group: Firmware Security Bootcamp



  • Term: Bachelor Computer Science, IPEC
  • Requirements:
  • Faculty: BA-INF 051
  • Effort: 2S+3P / 9CP
  • Max. Participants: 10

The topics offered will mostly be supervised by staff members of Fraunhofer FKIE (Zanderstraße). The lab phase and the seminar talks will take place at Zanderstraße.


Bootcamp consists of two phases:

In the lab phase students will learn to gain information from real hardware to manipulate said hardware or make it safer. Therefore the lab offers workplaces safe for use with open devices, such that it is possible to interact with hardware interfaces directly. No special knowledge is needed for that.

The seminar phase students will hold 3 short talks (lightning talks) concerning topics gathered from the lab phase. Meanwhile each student will prepare one larger practical topic, which is central to the practical part of examination. The lightning talks will likely take place on the three Fridays following the lab phase (exact dates t.b.a..). The graded final presentations of the labs will collectively take place on a separate date in April 2021.


Update 15.01.2021

Currently, due to the situation imposed by COVID the event will be shifted towards an online format. In case of questions contact Christopher Krah, or Eugen Winter.

The time schedule for this year's iterations is planned follows:

  • 08.03 - 12.03 Firmware bootcamp
  • 15.03 - 09.04 Lab phase (incl. weekly meetings)

The final presentations will likely held at the end of April 2021.

Have a look at the event's page for more information.