Lecture: High Performance Networking




  • Term: Master Computer Science, Diploma (Graduate)
  • Requirements:
  • Faculty: MA-INF 3101, (B, C) [B1]
  • Effort: 2L + 2E / 6CP (diploma 4CP)

Important Notice:

The lecture High Performance Networking (HPN) is held in conjunction with the B-IT lecture "Data Communication and Internet Technology" (DC&IT). Master students for the HPN lecture are requested to participate in the DC&IT lecture according to the following rules:

  • Visit the introductory lecture on Oct 29, 2013
  • The three lecture weeks from Nov 05 to Nov 19, 2013 may be skipped by HPN participants
  • Visit the DC&IT course from Nov 26, 2013 to Feb 04, 2014

The introductory lecture on Oct 29 is also the first lecture date of HPN.

HPN participants are (voluntarily) invited to join the lectures in the weeks Nov 05 - Nov 19 – lecture topics will not be subject to HPN exams and primarily cover a refresher of fundamental topics on data communication, networking and distributed systems.

For further information on requirements for being admitted to the exam, lecture slides and assignment sheets, see the web site of the DC&IT lecture.