Lecture: High Performance Networking




  • Term: Master Computer Science, Diploma (Graduate)
  • Requirements:
  • Faculty: MA-INF 3101, (B, C) [B1]
  • Effort: 2L + 2E / 6CP (diploma 4CP)


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ChapterPDF file

0. HPN - About this Lecture

Slides 1-35
slides 1-16
slides 17-35

A. Fundamentals of Communication Systems

A.1. The Internet – Overview and Philosophy
A.2. Ethernet – A Success Story
A.3. “Wireless LAN” (WLAN, IEEE 802.11)
A.4. Protocols and Architecture
A.5. Addressing and Routing
A.6. TCP Basics

Slides 1-170
slides 1-60
slides 61-170

B. Advanced Topics in Communication Systems

B.1. Introduction
B.2. Performance Studies – Why and How ?

Slides 1-36
B.3. Measurements in Communication Systems
B.3.1. Why Measurements?
B.3.2. A Measurement Cookbook
B.3.3. Case Studies
B.3.3.1. Case Study #1: Measurement of Internet Characteristics
B.3.3.2. Case Study #2: RTT and Timeout as published by Padhye
Slides 1-34
B.3.3.3 Case Study: Sensor Data TransmissionSlides 1-45
slides 1-31
slides 32-45
B.3.4. Load Models
B.3.4.1. Constant Bit Rate (CBR)
B.3.4.2. Measurements in Local Area Networks
B.3.4.3. Poisson Arrivals
B.3.4.4. The Burst / Batch Poisson Process
B.3.4.5. The Markov Modulated Poisson Process (MMPP)
B.3.4.6. Video Traces
B.3.4.7. Do we really need to care about Load Models?
B.3.4.8. An active Area of Research
Slides 1-32
slides 1-26
slides 27-30
slides 31-32
B.4. Simulation of Communication Systems
B.4.1. What is Simulation?
B.4.2. Types of Simulation
B.4.3. A Simulation Cookbook
B.4.4. Case Study: Competing TCP Flows
Slides 1-54
B.4.5. Advanced Topics in Simulation Technology
B.4.5.1. Random Numbers in Simulations
B.4.5.2. Output Analysis with Confidence Intervals
B.4.5.3. Speeding up Simulation Runs
Slides 1-35

B.5. Mathematical Analysis of Communication Systems
….. in a Nutshell
B.5.1. Basics of Queuing Theory
B.5.2. Performance Analysis of Networks with Polling
B.5.3. Performance Analysis of Random Access Systems
B.5.4. A Formula for TCP Throughput Estimation

Slides 1-83
Peer-to-Peer Networks (guest lecture, Dr. Tobias Ginzler)Slides 1-45

Assignment Sheets

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Practical exercises

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