Project Group: Malware Boot Camp



  • Term: Bachelor Computer Science, IPEC
  • Requirements:
  • Faculty: BA-INF 051
  • Effort: 2S+3P / 9CP

The topics offered will be supervised by staff members of the Institute of Computer Science (now LBH, later Poppelsdorf) as well as staff members of Fraunhofer FKIE (Zanderstraße). This includes regular meetings and/or provision of working environments.

Location preferences can be indicated in the registration form and will be considered, if possible.

Update 21.07:

The introduction will last 5 days. Starting thereafter, the participants have four weeks to complete their exercises and to write a report (deadline: 13.10.17). During these four weeks the participants will present their current status and a relevant paper at the end of each week. The final presentation will be held at the beginning of december.

In case of questions contact undefinedThomas Barabosch or undefinedNiklas Bergmann.