Seminar: Selected Topics in Communication Management



  • Term: Master Computer Science
  • Requirements:
  • Faculty: MA-INF 3209
  • Effort: 2.0 S

Important dates:

  • Initial meeting: April 3rd, 2012, 1:00 PM, room II.27 (LBH building)
  • Final report deadline: May 20th, 2012
  • Presentations: June 8th, 2012


  • <link file:2043 - download><img src="../fileadmin/img/icons/download.gif" alt="" />Guideline for the composition of seminar papers</link>
  • <link file:2044 - download><img src="fileadmin/img/icons/download.gif" alt="undefined" />Slides of introductory meeting</link>
  • <link file:2027 - download><img src="../fileadmin/img/icons/download.gif" alt="undefined" />General advice about seminar work (in German only)</link>
  • <link file:2028 - download><img src="../fileadmin/img/icons/download.gif" alt="undefined" />LaTeX template for seminar papers</link>

Detailed information about participation in our labs or seminars (incl. deadlines for application) will be given in our lectures "High Performance Networking", "Network Security" and/or "Mobile Communication". Default prerequisite is successful participation in at least one of these lecture modules.

In case of questions please contact Dr. Matthias Frank.