Going for a Doctoral Degree (Ph.D. in Computer Science)

When thinking about a doctoral degree, people think about scientific papers published in journals and presented at international conferences. Of course, they also think of the Ph.D. theses, the exciting result of years of hard work.

But going for a Ph.D. in the group headed by Prof. Martini is so much more. It is your personal discovery trip:

  • Overwhelming joy and deep frustration
  • Feeling lost and discovering solid ground at new shores
  • Learning from your mistakes
  • … and from mistakes made by others
  • Hours of discussions with colleagues
  • Working in exciting research projects
  • Teaching brilliant students … and learning from them

When this adventure comes to an end, you have expanded valuable parts of your personality, facets which otherwise might become stunted. You are both willing and able to decide on your own and to face the consequences. You feel when it is still worth to campaign and to fight for your goals and when it is time to give in.

You don’t believe this? Give it a try!

Most of the Ph.D. students advised by Prof. Martini are scientific assistants holding full-time positions in his group. They are both working in research projects and active in teaching. Many of them joined the group as student research assistants before they finished their studies with a diploma or master degree.

An overview of our research areas is available at https://net.cs.uni-bonn.de/research/

For further information please contact Prof. Dr. Peter Martini.