Laser-Pong Project

This is the web page of the Laser-Pong project of the Laser & Light Lab of the University of Bonn.

This page was set up already some time ago (... November 2014) and will be completed step by step. The most recent Android APK Version 1.3 was added Nov. 2017.


Download Link undefinedLaserPongController (Android APK, API 25 Android 7.1.1 (Nougat) - Version 1.3 as of November 2017)

Download Link undefinedLaserPongController (Android APK - version 1.1 as of November 2014, r042)


Download the .apk file. Select the file with any file manager, to install the apk with package installer. In application settings, you have to allow installation of non-Market applications. The installation will ask you to allow for "Network communication - full Internet access", and that's all it needs ;-)

This application is released as binary version under the BSD license.

History and Credits

Under construction - this section will show the evolutionary timeline of the Laser-Pong project and will acknowledge the contributing persons.