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Laser light shows represent one of the most visible applications of lasers and certainly the most entertaining use of lasers [1]. The Laser & Light Lab combines fun and scientific issues for students in their courses on practical computer science.


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Latest News:

Update urgently overdue :-(                    30.11.2020

This web page is horribly outdated ... although so many interesting and challenging things happened in the context of the development of the IDN - the ILDA Digital Network.

 If you are curious, do the following:

  • make a web search on "uni bonn ilda digital network"
  • have a look at the YouTube channel "undefinedLaser & Light Lab Uni Bonn"
  • have a look at the YouTube channel of ILDA (undefinedildalasershows)
  • and/or search on YouTube for "ildalasershows IDN"


If you are looking for the latest Laser-Pong Android Controller APP, have a look at this web page.

More to follow ...




Same procedure as last year(s): Demo of Laser & Light Lab

February 2012, Bonn

Becoming an annual popular event, the Laser & Light Lab of the Work Group Communication Systems had a public demo presentation to prospective students at several occasions held in February 2012 by the Computer Science department.

- February 23 + 24: undefinedSchüler-Krypto 2012 @ B-IT

- February 28: undefinedOpen Day of the Institute of Computer Science


Attendance of ILDA 2011 conference in Moscow

November 2011, Moscow/Russia

Matthias Frank attended the annual conference of the International Laser Display Association (ILDA), which was held Nov 9 - Nov 13 in Moscow, Russia. Matthias presented recent work of the Laser & Light Lab at the Technical Workshop of the ILDA conference (short report undefinedis available here).


Internship of CJD Königswinter high school pupils

July 2011, Bonn

During two weeks in the summer of 2011, two high school pupils performed an internship in the Laser & Light Lab. They enhanced given student lab work by some new functions - firstly, understanding and digging into given program source code (in Java and C/C++) and secondly, getting able to change and extend the existing code with additional features. The internship was a lot of fun and closed successfully - surely to be offered again in the summer of 2012!

Demo of Laser & Light Lab

February 2011, Bonn

The Laser & Light Lab of the Work Group Communication Systems had a public demo presentation to prospective students at several events held in February 2011 by the Computer Science department (more details undefinedare available in German only).

Laser Lab light equipment at Computer Science summer party

July 1, 2010, Bonn

Have you been with us at the Computer Science department's summer party ("Sommerfest Informatik") on July 1st, 2010? The live stage was equipped with some hardware and software from the Laser & Light Lab ... (undefinedsome pictures see here).

LaserFest 2010

2010, all around the world

This year is the 50th anniversary of the laser! All around the world there are activities on celebrating the birth of an extremely innovative technology that has a huge variety of application cases. Actually, the show laser application is only one of the smallest areas (although, possibly one of the most exciting ones!). See more on 2010's undefinedactivities in the context of LaserFest here.

Public LLL demo in February 2010

February 18, 2010, Bonn

The next public demonstration of the Laser & Light Lab will take place in Bonn on Febr. 18 in relation with our event "Hochschultage Bonn - Highlights der Informatik". Interested German pupils, considering to choose Computer Science as their study subject, will be able to see the highlights of our Computer Science department at the University of Bonn (undefinedmore details here).

Laser & Light Lab Demo at IEEE LCN 2009

October 21, 2009, Zurich/Switzerland

Matthias Frank conducted the first public and international undefineddemo presentation of the Laser & Light Lab at the annual IEEE conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN 2009) in Zurich/Switzerland.


LLL joined ILDA

September 2009, Bonn - Florida/USA

The Laser & Light Lab (correctly: the Institute of Computer Science 4) joined the ILDA (undefinedInternational Laser Display Association) in September 2009 as non-profit member!

General Information:

The Laser & Light Lab has been set up to support teaching activities of undergraduate lectures of practical computer science.

In the program of Bachelor Computer Science it builds on knowledge gained in the 2nd semester lecture “Systemnahe Informatik” and 3rd semester lecture “Systemnahe Programmierung” and offers the opportunity to perform a project group and/or Bachelor thesis.

Main topic focuses are:

  • Communication in a distributed system (sockets, I/O multiplexing, Threads, …)
  • Control of externally connected hardware (via parallel port, USB, TCP/UDP/IP network)
  • External hardware includes:

    • light controller according to DMX* standard
    • full-color laser projector according to ILDA* standard

Questions? E-mail cs4-seminars-labs.


* DMX = DMX-512, Standard Digital MultipleXed, acc. ANSI E1.11
* ILDA = Standard of International Laser Display Association

[1] Laser F/X International, Goderich/Ontario, Canada, "undefined"
"undefined" - Laser Science Projects (link last accessed August 2021)