Master Theses

The work group Communication Systems headed by Prof. Martini offers Master theses in all of the following research focus areas:

Your path to a Master thesis

The default requirement to perform a Master thesis is the successful participation in the basic lecture modules, a seminar and a lab in the work group Communication Systems: 

  • Lecture High Performance Networking (MA-INF 3101, typ. 1st semester, L2E2 - L = lecture hours, E = exercise hours)
  • Lecture Network Security (MA-INF 3201, typ. 2nd sem., L2E2) and/or lecture Mobile Communication (MA-INF 3202, typ. 2nd sem., L2E2)
  • Seminar Selected Topics in Communication Management (MA-INF 3209, 2nd or 3rd semester)
  • Lab Communication and Communicating Devices (MA-INF 3304, typ. 3rd semester)

Further information on these requirements will be explained at the beginning of each lecture module.

Guideline document

External Master Theses

If you are interested in an external Master thesis with supervision by staff of the work group Communication Systems, please get in contact with Dr. Matthias Frank.