Hall of Fame :: submitted samples

Here are the most interesting and noteworthy weird samples.
Please keep submitting and maybe you will make it into the hall of fame. :)

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Nr 1

<b>(1.) </b>April 2014: This PE executable looks extremely strange. It has small hidden code snips, most likely containing <i>hidden fun stuff</i>. They are marked in violet color, since Codescanner regarded them as unusual (and me too, btw.) They may be small, but are indeed code.<br>

Nr 2

<b>(2.) </b>April 2014: This executable literally growed over time.<br>



In comparison, a typical PE executable looks like this:
A normal PE executable. It has a '.text' section (with executable code, marked in blue) and a '.data' section (with ascii text, values, arrays, ...). Verbose coloring option: colors the use of different code patters to get a feeling for the density and the type of patterns. If the colors differ between two regions, then two compilers have most likely used. (not here, though).