Both civil and military crises situations usually result in conflicting interests which come along with increased risks. Attacks against the multi hop routing such as “blackholes” and “wormholes”, jamming and others are effective and dangerous interventions into tactical multi hop networks. Thus, research on robust techniques for attack detection and reasonable countermeasures is one of the mayor activities by the work group Communication Systems. In tactical scenarios, the hierarchical communication structures usually are imposed anyway. This opens the door to the application of dedicated, specialized techniques. Strategies known from wired networks or from general multi hop scenarios are evaluated, adapted and optimized for the specific circumstances in these tactical networks.


Key Publications

  • Elmar Gerhards-Padilla, Nils Aschenbruck, Peter Martini
    "TOGBAD – An Approach to Detect Routing Attacks in Tactical Environments"
    accepted for Wiley Security and Communication Networks.

  • Christoph Fuchs, Nils Aschenbruck, Felix Leder, Peter Martini
    "Detecting VoIP based DoS attacks at the Public Safety Answering Point"
    Proc. of the ACM Symposium on Information, Computer and Communications Security,
    ASIACCS 2008, Tokyo, Japan, March 18-20, 2008, pp.148-155.


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