Performance Engineering

Today, we enjoy a wide range of both scientific results and available tools for the performance evaluation of complex systems. However, in the commercial world we note a wide gap between simply relying on the “educated instinct” of experienced staff on the one hand and the practical application of performance analysis tools on the other hand. In the research area “performance engineering” headed by Lukas Pustina, the work group Communication Systems tries to bridge (at least a part of) that gap for selected application areas. An additional focal point is enhancing the efficiency of performance evaluation techniques.

“Performance Engineering” refers to performance-aware development of hardware and software systems. With performance-driven modeling methodologies, developers may enhance system models by non-functional aspects like timing requirements of tasks. The transformation of system models into performance models allows for an integrated performance and requirements analysis of the overall system. By executing performance models using advanced simulation techniques, developers quickly obtain performance results. Together, these steps form an effective and efficient methodology for the performance analysis of future systems without having to build a single prototype.

Related Teaching

Each winter term, we offer the lectures "High Performance Networking" and "Systemnahe Programmierung", and in each summer term a lecture "Mobile Communication", which are related to this field. We also offer labs, project groups and seminars.


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