Research Areas

The research of the work group Communication Systems is structured in four areas, each area being headed by a scientific assistant.

Of course, in daily business, the real-world orientation results in a focus on co-operation possibilities and project chances. Research often is triggered by prototypes implemented by the group itself or by co-operation partners: In quite a few cases, the prototype turned out to be more a “proof of need for further research” than a “proof of concept”.

In contrast to projects coming and going, the definition of the research areas stated above is meant to remain stable over years. It is meant to be a stabilizing structure, a framework for core competences of the work group which are obtained, enhanced and preserved beyond the activities of individual people and beyond the requirements of specific projects. This stabilizing structure also makes sure that the students active with the work group find stable work areas and short direct paths to Bachelor, Master, Diploma and/or even Ph.D. theses.