Intrusion-Detection at the PSAP


Brief description

In the past years Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony started to migrate from the research to the market. It is expected that in the future All-IP networks will substitute the classical Public Switched Telephony Networks (PSTNs). Nowadays, there is no All-IP network yet, but first steps have been made. There are different VoIP-providers which do not only provide telephony service between two VoIP peers, but also enable calls from VoIP to PSTNs and vice versa by providing gateway services between PSTN and VoIP networks. Thus, the PSAP is accessible by the VoIP network (e.g. the Internet). As a result of this connection there are further challenges concerning the security of the PSAP. There is especially the danger of denial of service (DoS) attacks. Thus, there is a need for an appropriate Intrusion Detection and Response.


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Diplomarbeiten / Master Theses

  • Christoph Fuchs,
    Design und Implementierung einer Intrusion-Detection-Erweiterung für ein PBX-System zum Einsatz in Leitstellen