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Invited Talks

Friday, 28.02.2020, 14:30 to 15:00, Fraunhofer FKIE, Zanderstraße 5, Raum "Bonn"

Sebastian Tewes: "Implementierung und Validierung eines anomaliebasierten Intrusion Detection Systems mithilfe von NetFlow-Daten und einer Clusteranalyse"

(Einleitungsvortrag Bachelorarbeit)

Friday, 28.02.2020, 14:00 to 14:45, Informatikzentrum Poppelsdorf, Raum 1.012

Jan Lühr: "Catching the Train - Performance Evaluation of a Wireless SDN"

(Intermediate Talk Master Thesis)

Friday, 28.02.2020, 11:00 to 12:00, Fraunhofer FKIE, Zanderstraße 5, Raum "Bonn"

Lisa Geierhaas, Jonas Großmann: "All your keys are belong to us - Investigating WhatsApp's Implementation of the Signal Protocol"

(Final Presentation Master Lab)

Friday, 28.02.2020, 10:30 to 11:00, Fraunhofer FKIE, Zanderstraße 5, Raum "Bonn"

Carlo Jakobs: "AresHash: Adaptable Resolution Similarity Hash"

(Introductory Talk Master Thesis)

Friday, 28.02.2020, 10:00 to 10:30, Fraunhofer FKIE, Zanderstraße 5, Raum "Bonn"

Louis Hackländer: "Optimized Rule Processing and Regular Expression Matching for JSON Event Streams"

(Introductory Talk Master Thesis)

Friday, 28.02.2020, 09:30 to 10:00, Fraunhofer FKIE, Zanderstraße 5, Raum "Bonn"

Chaoqi Karolina Han: "Evaluation von Windows Event Logging Best Practices zur Erkennung von Post-Exploitation-Schritten"

(Abschlussvortrag Bachelorarbeit)

Friday, 07.02.2020, 15:00 to 15:30, Informatikzentrum Poppelsdorf, Raum 1.012

Shaker Aljallad: "Multi-client Private Set Intersection Protocol Implementation Based on Diffie-Hellman and Bloom Filter"

(Lab Final Presentation)

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New cooperation project with the Kekulé-Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Special Lecture on CyberCrime

On June 25, 2009, detective chief superintendent Stefan Becker, police headquarters Bonn, gave a special lecture on cybercrime and forensics. The slides (in German) are available >>> here

The Structure of Conficker

Screen shot of a little video that displays the functions inside Conficker and their relations. The video has been recorded during one of our analysis steps.

Cyber Defence

Students, scholars, soldiers, security experts, and other interested parties listening to presentations at the YOUNG AFCEAns event "Cyber Defence - Unprotected in a Networked World?"

RESCUE - Realistic Scenarios under Evaluation

Raphael Ernst and Matthias Schwamborn, student research assistants in the RESCUE team, evaluating multi-hop communication systems at a St. John's maneuver in Münster.

Storm Anti-Worm

A screenshot of the Storm Anti-Worm developed by Felix Leder, Tillmann Werner, Georg Wicherski and Mark Schlösser


Matthias Frank (right), General Chair of IEEE LCN 2008, and his local support team at Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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