Monday, 10.03.2008, 09:00 to Wednesday, 12.03.2008, 20:00, World Congress Center in Bonn, Germany

Ubiquitous IT Europe Forum

We are proud to present the first European Ubiquitous IT Conference from 10th to 12th of March in Bonn, Germany. The topic of the event is u-City and u-Society.

The Ubiquitous IT Europe Forum organizes, in conjunction with the University of Bonn and Aving Global News Network, a series of conferences on the topic of ubiquitous computing. The first event in this series takes place in Bonn, Germany between March 10th and 12th, 2008. The main objective is to bring together the Asian and European communities that actively work on ubiquitous technologies to foster the exchange of experiences and encourage future global collaborations. The conference will be held at the World Congress Center in Bonn, which is the former federal government Plenary Chamber.

Registration fees:

  • Invited speakers: free of charge
  • Regular participant: free of charge (Registration after  February 29th: 150 €)
  • Students: free of charge