Guest lecture: Gynvael Coldwind - "Notes on Computer Hardware and Security"

Gynvael Coldwind is the co-founder and former captain of the Dragon Sector CTF team. He also works as an Information Security Engineer & Technical Lead / Manager at Google Security in Zürich. Furthermore, he is the Project Lead of the Paged Out Online Magazine ( where he publishes hacking/security related articles. He also has a YouTube Channel ( where he talks about hacking/security related topics.

"In the past couple of years I came to realize I don't really know how computers work, or rather, how they work on the real low-level - the hardware / electronics level. Given that I consider this a blind spot in my security expertise, I decided to spend some time looking into the topic - starting with older and easier to understand 8-bit computers and slowly progressing towards modern machines which are my main focus. During the talk I'll share some of my observations with the audience, focusing mostly on the topic from an information security perspective" We are looking forward to seeing you in the lecture hall!