Students win Best Demonstration Award at CSCUBS 2019

Saffija Kasem-Madani, Fabian Marquardt and Dr. Matthias Frank from the working groups of professors Martini and Meier organised this year's demo session at CSCUBS.


Four students presented their practical work:


Phillippe Ketteniss and Ben Swierzy presented how they intercept LoRa packets with Software Defined Radio.


Leon Römer showed his work on setting up LoRaWAN.


Christian Windeck and Dr. Matthias Frank presented joint work of Christian Windeck, Tobias Kremeyer and Sebastian Knopp about Low-cost prototypes of ILDA Digital Network Consumers for ILDA Laser projector and DMX512 service.



Phillippe Ketteniss and Ben Swierzy received the best demonstration award for their presentation. The award was denoted with 150 €.


Pictures: Dr. Matthias Frank