Daniel Vogel, M.Sc.-Ing.


Phone: +49 228 73-60530
Fax: +49 228 73-54254
Email: vogel@REMOVETHISPART.cs.uni-bonn.de
  Institute of Computer Science 4
Endenicher Allee 19A
53115 Bonn
Room: 1.015



Wireless security, location security/privacy, secure localization, internet of thing, software defined radio



OVERVIEW: "IT-Sicherheitslagebild als Entscheidungsunterstützung in Deutschland"






I am involved in the master lectures "IT-Security" and "Mobile Communications"

You are interested in working on a thesis, lab or seminar on a topic within my research interests? Contact me: vogel@REMOVETHISPART.cs.uni-bonn.de



Supervised Practice Groups, Seminars, Labs and Theses


    2019 Estimating Angle of Arrival in Indoor Locations on Commodity Wi-Fi Routers with Atheros Chipsets (Master)

    2019 Visuelle Detektion von Haftnotizen in Videomaterial (Bachelor)

    2019 Auswirkung von Adblocking auf den Energieverbrauch von Netzwerkgeräten (Bachelor)

    2019 Design and implementation of a framework for a performance assessment of issue tracker entry correlation (Master)

    2019 Clustering of indictors of compromise by third party provided descriptive information (Master)

    2019 Evaluation von frei verfügbaren LoRa SDR Implementierungen (Bachelor)

    2018 Wireless Security - A comparison of different techniques for providing Location-Restricted Services (Master)

    2018 Z-Wave Security on Smart Homes (Master)

    2018 Attacks on ZigBee Networks (Master)