Workshop on Botnet Detection, Measurement, Disinfection & Defence

Botnets are networks of compromised, remotely controlled computer systems. Their main purposes include the distribution of spam e-mails, coordination of distributed denial of service attacks, and the automated theft of identities, e.g. credit card information and general banking data for financial fraud. They pose a big threat to the Internet and all entities connected to it. To effectively fight botnets, it is essential to counter them on technical, legal and policy level. Thus, this workshop aims at bringing together experts from different areas (legal, policy, technical) and stakeholder groups to discuss how to effectively counter botnets.
Target Audience:
Experts in fighting botnets on legal, policy or technical level. Especially invited are decision makers, legals dealing with cybercrime and representatives of security departments from the stakeholder groups Regulators/Law Enforcement, Research, ISPs and End Users/Companies.

ENISA (European Network and Information Security Agency) in conjunction with the CCDCOE (Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, in Tallinn, Estonia), the German Internet Industry organisation ECO, University of Bonn and the Fraunhofer-FKIE.

Call for Participation:
The program will feature a number of invited talks to be delivered by distinguished world class experts and submitted presentations.
PDF on the Call for Participation.

More Information:
On the homepage of the Workshop.