Praktikum: Mobile Sensing Systems


Weitere Informationen:

  • Studienabschnitt: Master Computer Science
  • Voraussetzungen: Recommended: MA-INF 3202 – Mobile Communication
  • Fachbereich: MA-INF 3234 M. Sc. Computer Science
  • Aufwand: 4P / 9CP


Technical skills: The students will design and implement practical solutions specially tailored to the requirements of mobile sensing systems, including programming mobile devices and the corresponding infrastructure.

Soft skills: Organized in small teams, the students will interact and cooperate to fulfill the assignment. They will analyze the design space and make design decisions based on this analysis. The design decisions and the resulting solution will be documented in a written report and presented to other students. 

Contents: Mobile sensing systems leverage mobile phones as a new generation of sensing platforms. Embedded sensors, such as cameras, microphone, GPS, and accelerometers, are used to capture contextual information about the users and their surrounding environment. Within the scope of this lab, the students will explore and contribute to this challenging research field by addressing selected topics, such as:

  • New mobile sensing scenarios and applications
  • Reputation mechanisms to identify erroneous contributions 
  • Incentive schemes to encourage users’ contributions
  • Usable privacy interfaces


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