Laser & Licht Labor (LLL)

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General Information:

The Laser & Light Lab has been set up to support teaching activities of undergraduate lectures of practical computer science.

In the program of Bachelor Computer Science it builds on knowledge gained in the 2nd semester lecture “Systemnahe Informatik” and 3rd semester lecture “Systemnahe Programmierung” and offers the opportunity to perform a project group and/or Bachelor thesis.

Main topic focuses are:

  • Communication in a distributed system (sockets, I/O multiplexing, Threads, …)
  • Control of externally connected hardware (via parallel port, USB, TCP/UDP/IP network)
  • External hardware includes:

    • light controller according to DMX* standard
    • full-color laser projector according to ILDA* standard

Questions? E-mail cs4-seminars-labs.


* DMX = DMX-512, Standard Digital MultipleXed, acc. ANSI E1.11
* ILDA = Standard of International Laser Display Association

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