Arbeitsgemeinschaft: Student CTF Group


Weitere Informationen:

  • Studienabschnitt: Bachelor Informatik, Master Computer Science, Grundstudium, Hauptstudium, Promotionsstudium, Bachelor Lehramt
  • Voraussetzungen: None
  • Fachbereich: Open for all faculties
  • Aufwand: -

What is this all about?

Computer security is one of the hot topics for scientists as well as the commercial market. However, lectures and labs are limited in their ability to prepare for real world security problems. Capture the Flag (CTF) contests are designed to serve as an educational exercise to give participants experience in security related real world problems. Consequently, their focus is very widespread and covers reverse-engineering, network sniffing, protocol analysis, system administration, programming, cryptanalysis, forensics, and others. As our working group has a strong focus on security related questions, we founded a Student CTF group as a follow up to our lectures, labs, and seminars. The basic idea is to provide infrastructure, experience, and help to keep such a group running, while the students designate the goals. Therefore, we are looking for motivated students interested in participating in such a group.

From our experience, it is not necessary to have prior experience in the field but a strong motivation is highly appreciated.

Interested? Contact us!

Coming Events / Schedule

  • May 8 – May 10, 2014: ASIS CTF Quals [undefinedwebsite | undefinedctftime]
    Off-site only. Contact us to get access.
  • May 17 – May 19, 2014: DEF CON CTF Quals [undefinedwebsite | undefinedctftime]
    On-site in the LBH (most likely on Saturday). Details follow via our mailing list.


undefinedDC3 Cyber Crime Challenges: Final results of our team


  • Overall: 49 / 317
  • Undergraduate: 7 / 50
  • Non-US Overall: 17 / 114
  • Germany: 1 / 3

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which skills do you expect? The idea of the group is to develop skills in the wide area of Computer Security but we do not expect any special skills. Everything you need is a strong motivation to learn something in that particular field.
  2. What would be an individual role in the group? You define your role! Successful participation on a CTF event requires different skills and everybody should figure out where her/his strengths are.
  3. Will there be regular meetings? Unfortunately, not at the moment. We meet (on a voluntary basis) every now and then to discuss recent CTF events, tasks and write-ups. However, if the group grows larger, we can discuss if regular meetings are an option.