Vorlesung: IT Security

The lecture serves as an introduction to the Cyber Security master studies. Different lecturers present their available lectures and personal active research interests to teach about the motivation, challenges and objectives in these fields. If you are interested in taking further modules on IT Security such as lectures, seminars, labs, thesis, etc. this lecture is a good opportunity to get to know the variety of topics offered in Bonn. The different topics in this lecture usually cover: privacy, cryptographic protocols, network security, supply chain attacks, management of identity data, low-level software analysis, software testing, side channel attacks, anomaly detection, human factors in security.


  • Verantwortlich: Prof. Dr. Michael Meier
  • Beginn: 12.10.2023
  • Zeiten: Do 14-16, wöchentlich, HSZ - HS 3
  • Veranstaltungsnummer: 612113236


Weitere Informationen:

  • Studienabschnitt: Master Computer Science
  • Voraussetzungen: Fundamental knowledge in the following areas: operating systems, networks, security
  • Fachbereich: MA-INF 3236
  • Aufwand: 2V+2Ü / 6 LP
  • Nachfolge- und Begleitveranstaltungen: Seminar on "Selected Topics in IT-Security" and Lab-Course "IT-Security"

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