Seminar: Selected Topics in IT Security



Weitere Informationen:

  • Studienabschnitt: Master Computer Science, Hauptstudium
  • Voraussetzungen:
  • Fachbereich: MA-INF 3317, Diplom (B,C)[B]
  • Aufwand: 2 SWS/ 4 CP
  • Max. Teilnehmer: 15

Important dates:

Registration: July 2013.
Initial meeting: October 15, 2013 12-14 h in room LBH II.27.
Registration in Basis: October 10-31, 2013.
Deadline for document outline: November 10, 2013.
Deadline for first complete draft: December 8, 2013.
WiMi feedback: December 13, 2013.
Deadline for peer-review version: December 29, 2013.
Deadline for reviews: January 12, 2014.
Deadline for final report: January 19, 2014.
Deadline for slides: January 23, 2014.
Presentations: January 24, 2014, 10:00 am - 12:15 pm in room LBH II.27.

Attending the initial meeting is mandatory for passing the seminar.

You may undefineddownload or subscribe to this calendar. It contains all these deadlines above. It will not contain any additional deadlines that you negotiated with your advisor.

Note that it is still your own responsibility to keep all deadlines.


The registration for this course is broken down in two essential steps:

  • In the first step, you register for this course on our website, at Registration for Seminars and Practicals. Specific information on the registration period and a link to the registration form can be found there.
    The information you enter in the registration form helps us provide you with a topic that is specifically tailored to your interests. This is why it is important that you specify your interests precisely. Interests like "HPN" are not of help. Afterwards, we will offer you one or more topics.
  • Once you have your topic, the second step consists of the registration in BASIS and will be available at the beginning of the semester. This step is essential for receiving credit points for this course.


  • <link file:2330 - download><img src = "../fileadmin/img/icons/download.gif" alt="" /> Initial Meeting's Slides</link>
  • <link file:1062 - download><img src="../fileadmin/img/icons/download.gif" alt="" />Guideline for the composition of seminar papers</link>
  • <link file:1482 - download><img src="../fileadmin/img/icons/download.gif" alt="undefined" />General advice about seminar work (in German only)</link>
  • <link file:1113><img src="../fileadmin/img/icons/download.gif" alt="undefined" />Springer LaTeX template for seminar reports</link>

For further questions please send an e-mail to

Note: This seminar is not for Master students of B-IT Media Informatics, please refer to the course catalog given on the RWTH Aachen CAMPUS system.

Seminar submissions

Report submission:

Register at undefined Please use the same email address for registration that you used in the registration for this seminar.

Attention: This conference management system stores clear text passwords, so don't use any sensible password here!

The report should be 5 - 10 pages long. Use the LNCS document class provided by Springer to prepare the report ( Citations and text passages taken from other work must be easily recognizable as such. Questions regarding the report can be posted to the mailing list.

Review submissions:

Reviews will be assigned within the conference management system. An online form is provided there to submit the review.

Camera-ready submissions:

Based on the suggestions given in the reviews, reports should be improved to the camera-ready version.

Please note that failing to meet any of these deadlines means failing the seminar.