Computer Science 4 (again) successful at CSCUBS Student Conference

Several students who are active in the groups of Computer Science 4 contributed to the success of the second (annual) undefinedComputer Science Conference for Uni Bonn Students - CSCUBS, which took place on Dies Academicus, May 20, 2015 in the Computer Science lecture room at LBH (Friedrich-Ebert-Allee). A short photo report in the following ...

Prof. Dr. Andreas Weber, current managing director of the Institute of Computer Science, gives a welcome note for the 2nd CSCUBS.

Jörg Stucke gives a paper presentation for his paper entitled "Optimizing Malware Signature Databases with String Signatures". The work is based on his bachelor thesis.

Andrey Moerov gives a presentation on his paper entitled "Browsing privacy", which also reports on results obtained in a Master lab.

Fabian Rump participated in the lightning talks session - each presentation of just one minute duration. Fabian talked about a student programming project of a merchandise management and booking system.

After finishing his Master in Computer Science, Fabian just joined the department Computer Science 4 in mid May 2015 as scientific assistant.

The photo shows all speakers of lightning talks (Fabian in rightmost position).

Andreas Binczek has a demo presentation entitled (German) "Netzwerkbasierte Übertragung von Lasershows mit Hilfe des IDN Frame Modus". It shows practical work which has been carried out in a project group in the Laser & Light Lab of CS 4 in the (German) study program Bachelor Informatik (Andreas is second from the right).

The photo shows three parts of a laser projection coming from the same physical laser projector. The IDN (ILDA Digital Network) as implemented by Andreas allows commercial lasershow softare to use so called "IDN channels" to virtually use several laser projectors, which physically may be mapped to the same laser projector over a local network (LAN).

Raghunandan Palakodety presented a paper entitled "Activity recognition from accelerometer data", which is coming from work carried out in a Master lab at CS 4.

The best piece of news just came at the end of the conference:

Jörg Stucke received the Best Paper Award for his contribution to CSCUBS 2015. The photo shows the general chair Fabrizio Orlandi (left) handing over the certificate to Jörg at the CSCUBS award ceremony. Congratulations, Jörg!