Computer Science 4 successful at CSCUBS Student Conference

Several students who are active in the groups of Prof. Meier and Prof. Martini have contributed to the success of the first undefinedComputer Science Conference for Uni Bonn Students - CSCUBS, which took place on Dies Academicus, May 21, 2014 in the Computer Science lecture rooms at Römerstr.. Read more in the following ...


Rene Neff and Thomas Trimborn (with their supervisor Matthias Wübbeling) submitted a paper "ARINA - Arduino Remote Infrared Network Adapter" describing results of their Bachelor project group of the summer term 2013. The presentation at CSCUBS was given by Rene Neff (photo).

Jaspreet Kaur played a double role at CSCUBS: Firstly, she submitted a paper "Behind the Scenes: Accepting Untrusted Certificates in a Web Browser" (with supervisor Till Elsner) which was presented as a demo at CSCUBS. Jaspret showed her work with laptop and beamer (photo on the left).


Secondly, Jaspret submitted a poster "Realization and Experiences with a Low-Cost Building Automation Security Testbed for Educational Purpose" (with her supervisor Steffen Wendzel). This poster was presented in the common "Poster and Demo Session" at CSCUBS (photo on the right: Jaspret with her demo laptop and her poster).

Another demo presentation was submitted by Achim Sieg and Joseph Hönnerscheid, "Konstruktion einer Laserharfe (Construction of a Laser Harp)", which presented the outcome of a Bachelor project group done in the Laser & Light Lab (supervisor Matthias Frank) in the winter term 2013/2014.

Photo left: Joseph, Achim and spectators (from left to right).

Photo below left: Laser beams of the Laser Harp visualised with artificial fog.

Photo below right: Rene Neff playing the Laser Harp.

Two short video clips of the Laser Harp in action can be found undefinedonline at the video tweet of the computer science institute.

The final surprises of the day were yet to come:

Jaspret and Till received the best paper award of CSCUBS 2014! This award was selected by the CSCUBS organisation and programme committees and was based on the quality of the paper rated from the reviews. The award is endowed with a prize of 300€.


Furthermore, Rene , Thomas and Matthias (Wübbeling) received the best presentation award of CSCUBS 2014 for the presentation done by Rene! The selection of this award was based on public voting of the audience. The award is endowed with a prize of 200€


We congratulate Jaspret, Rene and Thomas for their excellent performance and for their contribution to the first CSCUBS conference!

More impressions (media on Storify, photo gallery) can be found undefinedonline on the CSCUBS 2014 home page.

Photo from left to right: Thomas, Jaspret, Rene.