Matthias Frank attending ILDA 2011 conference in Moscow

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Matthias Frank attended the annual conference of the International Laser Display Association (ILDA), which was held Nov 9 - Nov 13 in Moscow, Russia. Matthias presented recent work of the Laser & Light Lab at the Technical Workshop of the ILDA conference.

Based on the undefinedIEEE LCN 2011 demo given in Bonn, Germany, at the beginning of October 2011, the presentation at the ILDA conference had a more technical nature presenting our "Experimental Architecture of IP-based Network Control of Laser Projection Systems" to an international expert audience of the laser business. Within the ILDA technical committee, a proposal for standardization of a digital networking connection for laser projectors has been made. Our presentation and the discussions around that gave fruitful insights on the topic of network control in the laser show context.

The practical demo showed a prototype implementation of the server side of our laser projection module (including a GUI for remote configuration of basic laser projection parameters). The server was fed from an example client application generating laser frames for the classical PONG game. The photo below shows the prominent Steve Heminover (Aura Technologies, USA - left player) and Marco Stümpel (Lightline Lasertechnik, Germany - right) playing the demo of the Laser PONG with Nintendo Wii remote controllers.


Some more impressions:


Matthias with Tim Walsh (Laser Spectacles, USA - ILDA president from 2007 to 2011) at the evening of the ILDA awards banquet.

(picture taken by Matthias Frank, Uni Bonn)

Video projection of the ILDA logo, with view of 180 degree Machida grating coming from brand new Excellent-Tripan RGB laser projector (presented by Lightline Lasertechnik Germany, equipped with Coherent Taipan OPSL laser diodes).

 OPSL = optically pumped semiconductor laser