Talk by Olav Lysne

Prof. Olav Lysne (Simula Research Laboratory) talking about "Resilience in the Internet, when the Internet is a Black Box".


"In this talk I will first give a presentation of Simula Research Laboratory, and give a brief overview of the research activities we have. Thereafter I will focus on our ongoing research project on Resilience in the Internet, where we base ourselves on the following assumptions:

?We do not know topologies ? only a few have been inferred, even fewer published

?We do not know peering points and SLAs between operators

?We do not know routing policies

?We do not know BGP policies

?We do not know correlated vulnerabilities through co-location of cables and routers

??and we probably never will?

The question we ask ourselves is how should we research and improve resilience of applications under these constraints."

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