Neues EU-Projekt SPARTA angelaufen

Die Informatik 4 der Uni Bonn reiht sich neben 44 Partnern aus 14 EU-Ländern in ein europaweites Cyber-Security-Kompetenznetzwerk. Dieses soll das zukünftige Bild der IT-Sicherheit auf europäischer Ebene maßgeblich formen und gestalten.

(Press release of 26. Feb. 2019)

SPARTA —Re-imagining the way cyber security research, innovation and training are performed in the European Union

Cyber security is an urgent and major societal challenge. Highly correlated with the digitalization of our societies, cyber threats have an increasing impact on our lives. It is therefore essential to ensure digital security and strategic autonomy of the EU by strengthening leading cyber security capacities. This challenge will require the coordination of Europe’s best competences, towards common research and innovation goals. SPARTA is a novel Cyber security Competence Network, supported by the EU’s H2020 program, with the objective to develop and implement top-tier research and innovation collaborative actions. Strongly guided by concrete challenges forming an ambitious Cyber security Research & Innovation Roadmap, SPARTA will set up unique collaboration means, leading the way in building transformative capabilities and forming a world-leading Cyber security Competence Network across the EU. From basic human needs (health) to economic activities (energy, finance, and transport) to technologies (ICT and industry) to sovereignty (eGovernment, public administration), four research and innovation programs will push the boundaries to deliver advanced solutions to cover emerging challenges.The SPARTA consortium, led by CEA,assembles a balanced set of 44 actors from 14 EU Member States at the intersection of scientific excellence, technological innovation, and societal sciences in cyber security. Together, along with SPARTA Associates, they aim at re-imagining the way cyber security research,innovation, and training are performed in Europe across domains and expertise, from foundations to applications, in academia and industry. In sharing experiences and excellence, challenges and capabilities, SPARTA makes decisive contributions to European strategic autonomy.

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