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Lecture: Selected Aspects of Sensor Data Fusion – Methods and Applications

This lecture series is a follow-on of the lectures on "Introduction to Sensor Data Fusion - Methods and Applications" delivered in the winter semester. Based on the methods discussed and analyzed there, we proceed to methodological refinements and more advanced applications that directly lead us to the frontline of current research and innovative applications of Sensor Data Fusion. After a brief recapitulation of what we have learned so far, we will look into more sophisticated sensor data fusion approaches, such as target motion analysis, particle filtering, expectation-maximization methods, extended target tracking, probability hypothesis and intensity filtering, adaptive sensor management. We will understand power of these methods in their application to fusion problems taken from in recent research projects at Fraunhofer FKIE. Successful participation in the exercises of the previous lecture series "Introduction to Sensor Data Fusion" is required.




  • Term: Master, Diploma (Graduate)
  • Requirements: Introduction to Sensor Data Fusion (applies only for credit points and Vorlesungsschein)
  • Faculty: (B) [B]
  • Effort: V2Ü2 (6CP)


There is a single programming exercise for this lecture.

All students who want to take the exam have to present their solution to this exercise on 20.06.2012.

A laptop with MatLab installed will be available, to avoid compatibility issues it is advised that you bring your own laptop.

undefinedSlides of the assignment


The slides and other downloads are available from within the university or via passwort. The password is announced in the lectures or can be requested at

Schedule of Lectures (UPDATED 14.05.2012)undefinedSDF__Lecture__SS12__Schedule.pdf
Slides Lecture  1 - 19.04.2012   undefinedSDF__Lecture_1__SS_12.pdf
Slides Lecture  2 - 25.04.2012undefinedSDF__Lecture_2__SS_12.pdf
Slides Lecture  3 - 02.05.2012 undefinedSDF__Lecture_3__SS_12.pdf
Slides Lecture 4 - 09.05.2012undefinedSDF__Lecture_4__SS_12.pdf
Slides Lecture 5 - 16.05.2012undefinedSDF__Lecture_5__SS_12.pdf
Slides Lecture 6 - 06.06.2012undefinedSDF__Lecture_6__SS_12.pdf
Slides Lecture 7 - 13.06.2012undefinedSDF__Lecture_7__SS_12.pdf

Informative Papers on Sensor Data Fusion

Einführung in die Sensordatenfusion (dt.)undefinedSensordaten-_und_Informationsfusion.pdf
The Product-FormulaundefinedProduct_Formula.pdf
A tutorial on Sensor Data Fusion (en.)undefinedAESS_Tutorial_V__Koch.pdf
Perspectives for Tracking Applications (en.)undefinedPerspectives_for_a_Backbone_Technology.pdf
Einführung in Tracking für Mathematiker (dt.)undefinedEinfuehrung_der_SDF_fuer_Mathematiker.pdf

Bayesian Approach to
Extended Object and Cluster
Tracking using Random
Matrices (en.)


Publication on the ASD filter and Out-of-Sequence (OoS) ProcessingundefinedIEEE_T-AES_OoS