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Informatik 4: Dipl. Inf. Hildegard Kühne

Dipl. Inf. Hildegard Kühne
Member of Scientific Staff




Human action recognition from video data

Video analysis with temporal models





Visapp 2012

H. Kuehne, D. Gehrig, T. Schultz, R. Stiefelhagen. On-line Action Recognition from sparse Feature Flow,
International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications 2012

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ICCV 2011 

H. Kuehne, H. Jhuang, E. Garrote, T. Poggio, T. Serre. HMDB: A Large Video Database for Human Motion Recognition

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 IROS 2011 

D. Gehrig, P. Krauthausen, L. Rybok, H. Kuehne, U. D. Hanebeck, T. Schultz, and R. Stiefelhagen. Combined Intention, Activity, and Motion Recognition for a Humanoid Household Robot, IEEE/RSJ Int. Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems - IROS11, September 2011

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Visapp 2010

H. Kuehne, A. Woerner. Motion Segmentation of Articulated Structures by Integration of Visula Perception Criteria

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Humanoids 2009

D. Gehrig, H. Kuehne, A. Woerner, T. Schultz. HMM-based Human Motion Recognition with Optical Flow Data. Humanoids 2009, Humanoids 2009, Paris, France, 09. December 2009

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ICCV 2009,
A. Bachmann, H. Kuehne. An Iterative Scheme for Motion-Based Scene Segmentation. ICCV 2009, Workshop on Dynamical Vision (DV), pp. 735-742, Kyoto, Japan, October 2009

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Visapp 2009

H. Kuehne, A. Woerner. Motion-Based Feature Clustering for Articulated Body Tracking, International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications (VisApp), Lisboa, Portugal, February 2009

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Humanoids 2008

D. Gehrig, A. Fischer, H. Kuehne, T. Stein, A. Woerner, H. Schwameder and T. Schultz. Online Recognition of Daily-Life Movements. IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids 2008), Workshop Imitation and Coaching in Humanoid Robots. Daejeon, Korea, December 2008

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Humanoids 2008

M. Do, D. Gehrig, H. Kuehne, P. Azad, P. Pastor, T. Asfour, T. Schultz, A. Woerner, R. Dillmann. Transfer of Human Movements to Humanoid Robots. IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids 2008). Workshop Imitation and Coaching in Humanoid Robots. Daejeon, Korea, December 2008

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ESM 2008

M. Pruzinec, H. Koehler, A. Woerner. Localisation of Joint Rotation Centres for 3D Human Motion Simulation. 22nd annual European Simulation and Modelling Conference. October 2008. LeHavre, France.


ICMI 2008

H. Koehler, A. Woerner. Motion-based Feature Tracking For Articulated Motion Analysis, IEEE Int. Conf. on Multimodal Interfaces (ICMI 2008), Workshop on Multimodal Interactions Analysis of Users a Controlled Environment. October 20-22, 2008. Chania, Greece.


Sporttechnologie zwischen Theorie und Praxis, 2007

T. Stein, A. Fischer, I. Boesnach, D. Gehrig, H. Koehler, H. Schwameder. Kinematische Analyse menschlicher Alltagsbewegungen für die Mensch-Maschine-Interaktion. In J. Edelmann-Nusser, K. Witte & E.F. Moritz (Hrsg.), Sporttechnologie zwischen Theorie und Praxis V. Shaker, Aachen

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WSCG 2008

H. Koehler, M. Pruzinec, T. Feldmann, A. Woerner. Automatic Human Model Parametrization From 3D Marker Data For Motion Recognition, WSCG'2008 - 16th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision, Pilsen, 2008

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HLR 2006
I. Boesnach, H. Koehler, D. Gehrig, G. Stelzner, C. Simonidis, A. Fischer, T. Stein. A large-scale database of human movements to humanize robot motion, French-German Workshop on Humanoid and Legged Robots


BMT 2005

H. Koehler, T. Wittenberg, D. Paulus. Detection and Segmentation of cervical cell nuclei, Biomedizinische Technik, Schiele und Schön, Berlin, 50, Vol. 1, Part 1, S. 588-589, 10/2005


SPIE Medical Imaging 2004
H. Koehler, M. Couprie, S. Bouattour, D. Paulus. Extraction and Analysis of Coronary-tree from single X-ray Angiographies, S. 810-819, 2004

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BVM 2004

 H. Koehler, S. Bouattour, D. Paulus, M. Couprie. Analyse des Herzkranzgefäßbaums für die prä- und post-operative Diagnose, Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin, Springer Verlag, Springer, S. 269-273, 2004

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