IT Security Working Group

We research and teach on IT security and technical data protection related topics. Under the supervision of Professor Dr. Michael Meier, in particular we work on:

  • Distributed Cooperative Security Monitoring
    - Security monitoring with data and confidentiality protection
    - Pseudonymization of logfiles content and pseudonymization techniques
  • Anomaly Detection
    - Detection and analysis of Internet routing anomalies
    - Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Security in Building Automation
    - Traffic normalization
    - Attack detection and data leakage protection
    - Building automation penetration testing
  • IT Security Awareness
    - Measurements inside enterprises
    - Systematic awareness penetration testing
  • Threat Intelligence
    - Situational awareness and Early Warning Systems
    - Approaches for automatic self defense
  • Applied Cryptography
    - Application of homomorphic encryption mechanisms for
      privacy preservation.


Name Phone Room
Prof. Dr. Michael Meier+49 228 73-54249III.30


Name Phone Room
Ekrem Aydin, M.Sc.+49 228 73-60555III.03.8
Dipl.-Inform. Saffija Kasem-Madani+49 228 73-54246III.03.1
Alexandra Kobekova, M.Sc.+49 228 73-60528III.03.8
Jamila Krämer+49 228 73-54253III.31
Timo Malderle, M.Sc.+49 228 73-54223III.29
Marc-Philipp Ohm, M.Sc.+49 228 73-60531III.03.3
Hendrik Rommerskirchen+49 228 73-54248III.02
Arnold Sykosch, M.Sc.+49 228 73-54247III.03.3
Dr. Jernej Tonejc+49 228 73-54253 (Sekretariat)
Daniel Vogel, M.Sc.-Ing.+49 228 73-60530III.03.3
Dr. Steffen Wendzel+49 228 73-54253 (Sekretariat)
Dipl.-Inform. Matthias Wübbeling+49 228 73-54250III.29