Lecture: Principles of Distributed Systems (for B-IT: Data Communication and Internet Technology)




  • Term: Master
  • Requirements:
  • Faculty: MA-INF 3105, B-IT Media Informatics
  • Effort: 2L+2E / 6 CP (Master), 3L+1E / 6 CP (B-IT MI)


The lecture Principles of Distributed Systems will be offered by the external lecturer Dr. Tobias Ginzler (senior researcher in Fraunhofer FKIE) in cooperation with the Institute of Computer Science 4 (Prof. Dr. Peter Martini). Under the title "Data Communication and Internet Technology" it is also offered in the study program of B-IT Media Informatics.

Master students for the Principles of Distributed Systems lecture are requested to participate in the lecture according to the following rules:

  • Visit the introductory lecture on Oct 25, 2017
  • The three lectures from Nov 8 - Nov 22, 2017 may be skipped by PDS participants
  • Visit all lectures from Nov 29, 2017

PDS participants are (voluntarily) invited to join the lectures in the week Oct 12 - Oct 19 – lecture topics will not be subject to PDS exams and primarily cover a refresher of fundamental topics on data communication, networking and distributed systems.