List of Master and Diploma Theses


  • Kaszian, Viktor-Maurits
    Mitigating the Effects of Obfuscation in Reverse Engineering using Data Flow Analysis


  • Andiel, Jan-Phil
    Automatisierung der Analyse von Firmware auf Verwundbarkeiten
  • Bruckschen, Philipp
    A Distance Measure Between Labeled Trees Using Frequent Subtree Mining And Graph Kernels
  • Eissa, Omar
    Security Analysis of Autonomic Networking on Cisco Gear
  • Haubrich, Marcel
    Evaluation of Feature-Based Methods for Wideband Signal Detection
  • Herzog, Marco'
    Automatic Attack Traffic Generation for the Evaluation of Flow-based Network Intrusion Detection
  • Kang, Che-Hao
    Behavioral Extraction for Malware Detection - Recognize Malware Behavior Through Machine Learning
  • Krause, Tim
    Email Spam Classification Based on Meta Data
  • Lenz, Christopher Christian
    Model-based 3D Reconstruction of Grape Clusters
  • Muszynska, Maria
    Improving Risk Communication to Support Users in Security and Privacy Decisions through Personalized Runtime Permission Dialogs
  • Ohm, Marc-Philipp
    Intelligence-Driven Alert Generation for Intrusion Detection
  • Rudolph, Robert
    Segmentation and Estimation of Vine Inflorescence using Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Rybalka, Mariia
    DNS-Based Detection of Malicious Infrastructures on the Internet
  • Shenoy, Giridhar
    Development of a Framework for Efficiency Analysis in Distributed Systems
  • Stucke, Jörg
    Improved Automated Software Signature Generation
  • Tahaei, Mohammad
    Analyzing Banking Technology Usage & Security Perceptions in a Cross-Cultural Context
  • Wilkinghoff, Kevin
    Neural Networks in Speaker Identification
  • Yilmaz, Tayfun
    Streaming Algorithms for Flow-based Data Exfiltration Detection
  • Zemanek, Sven
    Embedded Certificate History: Augmenting Trust in X.509 Certificates


  • Abera, Tigist Assefa
    Control-Flow Attestation for Embedded Systems Software
  • Al-Akkad, Manal
    Data Appearances for Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis
  • Amayri, Ahmad
    Recovery of Function Interfaces from Binary Code
  • Bergmann, Niklas
    Clustering Malware Based on Header Data and Statistical Features
  • Danilova, Anastasia
    How to Conduct Expert Studies to Measure API Design Influence on Secure Crypto Library Usage
  • Hilgert, Jan-Niclas
    Evaluating the Contemporary Applicability of the Standard Model for File System Forensic Analysis
  • Hordiienko, Pavlo
    A Malware Classification System Based on Structural Static Analysis
  • Hossain, Mohaimen
    Advanced Multi Sensor Track Extraction in a Distributed System
  • Jenke, Thorsten
    Robust Malware Unpacking - An Approach to Robust and Generic Malware Unpacking
  • Khan, Muhammad Hammad
    Increasing User Awareness for Genomic Privacy
  • Khoramshahi Bayat, Ali
    Approaches for Anomaly Detection in Network Data
  • Lang, Simon
    Implementation of a Behaviour Anlaysis Framework for Proprietary Android Apps
  • Moerov, Andrey
    Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Statistical Approach for Network Anomaly Detection
  • Naiakshina, Alena
    Conducting Expert Studies to Measure API Design Influence on Secure Password Storage
  • Neff, René-Julian
    Infrastructure Provisioning for Human Penetration Testing
  • Plöger, Stephan
    Cross-Architecture Extraction of Binary Code
  • Shah, Zubair
    Target Existence Probability Based on Distributed Kalman Filter
  • Singh, Vikramjit
    Decentralized Community Detection in Unstructured Networks by Dynamic Processes
  • Sveinsdottir, Asta
    Multiple-F0 Estimation in Polyphonic Music Using Shift-Autocorrelation
  • Taktakidze, Edgar
    Slope as visual encoding feature for BAS sensor data
  • Urrigshardt, Sebastian
    A Preprocessing Method for Speech/Non-Speech Classification
  • vom Dorp, Johannes
    Qualitative Benchmarking of Malware Classification Techniques Using System Call Traces


  • Ebna Kawsar, Mohiuddin
    Notify TOR User About Quantum Insert Attack
  • Gneba Akpale Kedy, Francis
    Feasibility of S/MIME Certificate for Certificate Transparency
  • Iarovyi, Dmytro
    Finding Applied Cryptography Vulnerabilities with Code Property Graphs
  • Janai, Joel
    Tracking of Arbitrary Objects in 3D Laser Range Data
  • Joukhadar, Basheer
    Extracting Structured Information from Cell Phone Usage based on Signal Processing Techniques
  • Konrad, Marcel
    Conception, Implementation and Evaluation of a Secure Deletion Mechanism for Sensitive User Data in Main Memory
  • Kovalov, Ruslan
    Implementing the Gossipping Protocol for Certificate Transparency on Additional Channels
  • Manyugin, Ilya
    An Opportunistic Distributed Collaborative Mechanism for Location Privacy Preservation in Mobile Participatory Sensing
  • Meiling, Matthias
    Coupling the Sensor Data Transmission and Management Protocol with an End-to-End Congestion Control Mechanism
  • Rump, Fabian
    Using Probabilistic Routing to Mitigate the Hotspot Problem in MANETs
  • Seyidov, Mirsattar
    Towards practicable forward secrecy in asynchronous environments


  • Ayan, Sinan
    Untersuchung und Erkennung fortgeschrittener Persistenzmechanismen bei aktueller Malware
  • Guevara Lazo, Ana Laura
    Semantic Exploration of Binaries
  • Haidar, Sami Moussa Sleiman
    Nichtnegative Matrixfaktorisierung - Quantitative Analyse einiger Verbesserungen des Basis-NMF-Algorithmus
  • Hamdorf, Sebastian
    Konzeption der Benutzeroberfläche einer forensischen Analysesoftware anhand ergonomischer Designprinzipien
  • Hoffmann, Folker
    Radar Resource Management for the Search Function
  • Kaur, Jaspreet
    Countering Covert Channel-internal Control Protocols with Covert Channel-internal Control Protocols
  • Khanna, Ankush
    Authentication Mechanisms in Wireless Sensor Networks with Node Compromise to Observe Railway Facilities
  • Lüders, Christoph
    Fast Multiplication of Large Integers: Implementation and Analysis of the DKSS Algorithm
  • Ofner, Simon
    Cross-Platform Implementation and Evaluation of the Proposed ILDA Digital Network (IDN) Protocol
  • Negi, Shirish
    Evaluation and Optimization of IDP-MIKE-System over VHF Data Links
  • Pauksztelo, Piotr
    Simulation of an Enterprise Network with Realistic User Behaviour
  • Raikar, Harshit
    Membership Handling in a Group Key Management after Network Failure or Crash
  • Xu, Ruofan
    Hypervisor-Level Malware Analysis


  • Bartelt, Tobias
    Verbesserung der Skalierbarkeit der Nachbarschaftserkennung des Optimized Link State Routings in Mobilen Ad Hoc Netzwerken
  • Braß, Christoph
    Implementierung und Evaluation von Netzwerksicherheitsverfahren mit OpenFlow in Software-Defined Networks
  • Damman, Julian
    Asynchronous Tracking of Peer-to-Peer Botnets
  • Domnich, Roman
    Konzeption eines Simulationsmodells zur Leistungsbewertung von ARM-Systemen
  • Heupel, Daniel
    Automatisiertes Patchmanagement
  • Huang, Jianping
    Network-based Classification of Application Behaviours
  • Kirchhoff, Jonathan
    Quality of Service Routing with the Optimized Link State Routing Protocol in MANETs using Multiple Metrics
  • Koch, Jonathan
    Identification of Functions by Symbolic Execution
  • Lambertz, Martin
    Parallel File Carving for Fragmented JPEG Files
  • Mohammadi, Alireza
    Evaluation of the Relevance of the Source IP Address for Collected Malware
  • Qasem, Mohammad Iyad A.
    A Compression Algorithm for Instructions Trace Files
  • Ritter, Markus
    Generische Erkennung von VM-Packern
  • Schmid, Marc Oliver
    Simulativer Vergleich von Multicast Routing-Protokollen für Sprachkommunikation in MANETs
  • Sheikh, Ahsan Nazir
    Note Carrier: A Nomadic Application for Bi-Directional Class-Room Communication
  • Varela, Macarena
    Computer Aided Dislocation of a Passive Radar System Using Intelligent Information Service
  • Weidenbach, Peter
    Ähnlichkeitsklassifikation von Funktionen auf Basis des Dekompilats


  • Grathwohl, Steffen
    Erkennung von Anomalien über ein Automatenmodell des Hostverhaltens
  • Jopen, Sascha
    Erweiterung des Optimized Link State Routing Protocol für heterogene, multi-topologie MANETs
  • Mertens, Christian
    Entwicklung eines Verfahrens zur Gruppierung von Honeypot-Angriffsdaten nach Meta-Daten
  • Niewiejska, Julia
    Applikationsbezogene Evaluation von Multimedia-Daten in mobilen Mesh-Netzwerken
  • Schier, Sebastian
    Design and Evaluation of Rushing Detectors in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Schneider, Tim
    Advanced Retransmission Algorithms for Semi-Reliable Transmission of Sensor Data
  • Thomaidis, Hristoforos
    Entwurf und Evaluation eines Werkzeugs zur Messung mobilfunkspezifischer Parameter
  • Ul Huda, Zia
    Automatic Classification, Analysis, and Evaluation of MOAS Conflicts


  • Barabosch, Thomas
    An Extraction Framework for Current Malware's Mute Generating Algorithms
  • Benden, Andreas
    Entwicklung und Evaluation eines Frameworks zum Generischen Entpacken von Malware mittels Dynamic Binary Translation
  • Bochem, Andreas
    Erstellung von Verkehrsprofilen in lokalen Netzen
  • Chapman, Jonathan
    Emulative Evaluation of a Multimodal Approach for Detecting Routing Attacks in MANETs
  • George, Johns
    Implementation and Evaluation of Different Energy Efficient Strategies on OLSR Driven Real Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
  • Yakdan, Khaled


  • Berndt, Thomas
    Insuring secure communication on arbitrary GSM phones by applying strong cryptography
  • Bothe, Alexander
    Erweiterung, Trace-basierte Validierung und Evaluation von realistischen Bewegungsmodellen für Rettungsdienstszenarien
  • Eschweiler, Sebastian
    Recognition of Statically Linked Libraries in Executables
  • Gassen, Jan
    Effizientes Malware Clustering auf Basis statischer Analyse
  • Klein, Christian
    Local Positioning System im Lagerhausbetrieb 
  • Peter, Robert
    Entwicklung einer Methode zur Eingabeklassenerkennung für mobile Applikationen
  • Scheer, Nicolai
    Performance- und Sicherheitsaspekte von Anycast in IP-Netzen


  • Bauer, Jan
    Adaption und simulative Evaluierung terrestrischer ad-hoc Routing-Protokolle für akustische Unterwasser-Netzwerke
  • Bieling, Jakob
    Fast linear constraint checking through the use of GPGPU
  • Bollmann, Fritz
    Kombination und Detektion von Angriffen gegen MANETs bei Verwendung einer linkqualitätsbasierten Routingmetrik
  • Hunke, Simon
    Evaluation von Lernverfahren zur Bewertung der Gefahrenlage im Internet
  • Lüke, Thomas
    Ein adaptives Verfahren zum Online-Angriffsclustering
  • May, Michael
    Untersuchung und Modellierung flussbasierter Datenübertragungen in der TV-Produktion und Ableitung von Netzwerkreservierungscharakteristika
  • Mehlem, Raja
    Bewegungsverfolgung von Fußgängern mit Trägheitssensoren
  • Plohmann, Daniel
    Parallele Simulation drahtloser Mesh-Netze
  • Rosenthal, Daniel
    Leistungsbewertung von TOGBAD im Vergleich mit alternativen Datensätzen
  • Steinbock, Bastian
    Detection of Metamorphic Malware Using Value Set Analysis
  • Voß, Andreas
    Effiziente Synchronisation bei der parallelen Simulation Mobiler Ad-hoc-Netzwerke
  • Zimmermann, Alexander
    Bewertung von Ausfallmechanismen für Advance Reservations in leitungsvermittelten Netzen mit Switching-Restriktionen